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Riding and Knitting with BunRab

While carrying a large saxophone

Casa de Weird
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I read. Science fiction, murder mysteries, liberal social commentary.
I have pet guinea pigs, rabbits, a hedgehog, and chinchillas. Also cats. Our pets in the past have included cockatiels and parakeets, and may yet again.
I've had the username BunRab pretty much everywhere for over 15 years; I even answer to it in RL now.
I'm married, 23 years as of May 2008, no kids, just pets.
We moved from Austin, TX to Baltimore, MD in 2005. I play baritone and tenor saxophones in three community bands. I ride a BMW F650GS.
I have a CPA license and an MBA, neither of which I use for any career purposes any more, but which continue to provide me with lots of trivia for conversations.
My heart failure blog is at http://bunrab_mawhf.livejournal.com
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